Voice Africa signs the 360 anti-piracy campaign of the Convergence association featuring Senegalese TV stars Khalima Gadji, Ndiaye Ciré Bâ, Pape Oumar Dio and Sanekh. They make the whole family aware of the illegal nature of TV via a pirate network, whatever the technology used. Piracy is dangerous: poor image quality, risk of exposure of children to violent or pornographic images, harmful to the development of Senegalese culture.

  • Design : Voice Africa 2020
  • Photographs: Youri Lenquette
  • Artistic Direction : Renaud Lioult
  • Realization : Aymeric Austry
  • Framing : Tom Escarmelle
  • Mounting : Ilam Camara
  • Music : Basile Théoleyre
  • Production : Cécile Duintjer

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